About Amsemi

 SHANGHAI AMSEMI SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a professional agent company engaged in high-end semiconductor packaging and testing equipment, which was established in May 2013. Customer groups include wafer generation plants, high-end packaging and testing plants, image module packaging plants, as well as research institutes and universities. Products include solutions for new processes or requirements, customized solutions, cost-saving solutions, and efficiency-enhancing solutions.

Scope of business:

Semiconductor high-end packaging: WLP, TSV supporting solutions;

Optical communication module coupling, welding, bonding, automatic measurement matching scheme.

COB modular packaging scheme for camera module;

Various baking process and equipment schemes;

The matching scheme of stealth laser (SD) cutting;

Full automatic scheme for wafer sorting, handling, inverting and inspection;

Automatic Solder Paste Printing and Cleaning Scheme for Wafer Level

Dispensing and spraying process plan;

Washing/chemical cleaning processes for wafers and glasses;

Business philosophy:

Innovation - Meeting new challenges and bringing new technological solutions.

Value - to bring valuable products and services to customers.

Leadership - to be at the forefront of the industry.

Customer List:

Jiangyin Changdian, Changdian Advanced, NXP, Tongfu Microelectronics, Lingguang Technology, Fenisha Optoelectronics, Weixin United, Shinkin Semiconductor, Huatian Technology, Zhongxin International, Yandong Microelectronics, Dunnan Technology, Instrument and Electricity Smart Card, etc.

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